About Us

Welcome to LTB Properties. Thank you for visiting our site.

LTB Properties is one of the leading luxury home builders in Fairfield County. Our team of building and design professionals believe that building and remodeling is an art  and that every home should be a masterpiece. We are artisans and craftsman. We are dedicated to our craft and we would like to help you make your dreams a reality.

It is our goal to go beyond your hopes and expectations. Our mission is to build an honest long term relationship.

You can and should expect honesty, thoroughness, reliability, timely work, and excellent workmanship. We excel in customer relations, quality control, and communication. We can help you from concept to completion.

We would like to bring our efforts and passion to your project, big or small. Let us help you build your dream house. Give us a call and meet contractors who will make you happy.

scott-church—Scott Church/Owner